At naturist events or venues clothing is usually optional, except by swimming pools or sunbathing lawns where complete nudity is expected, weather permitting. This rule is sometimes a source of controversy among some naturists.    YOU WOULD THINK WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WITH A PROBLEM!!

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Why our Club has an "Undress Code"?,

Nudists continually advocate all of the positive aspects of nudism:
* Body acceptance of self and others without regard to a person's age, looks, weight, shape or disability
* Equality without regard to other's wealth, position, race and gender
* Removal of societal barriers and an increased friendliness
* Relaxation, comfort and relief of stress in the natural environment
* Less use of natural resources to produce clothes
* Less clothes washing!

Nudists believe in living nude and that clothing serves a purpose when needed to protect the body, such as weather or for safety when cooking or working. Otherwise, we believe society's imposition of clothing hurts people by createing barriers in the form of:
* Unrealistic "perfect body" images, society has become conditioned to perfect air-brushed models which no one can live up to
* Costs and effort of staying up with this season's popular style style or trend
* Eating disorders to obtain an unattainable body acceptance of self
* Feelings of inadequacy with the way one looks
* Concerns or embarassment on how they themselves and others look
* Judging themselves and others by the way they dress

Nudists believe without clothing, one's social rank is obscured, barriers between people are removed, and body acceptance is achieved. The purpose of our Club is to offer an safe and relaxing environment for all to enjoy family-friendly social nudism. The wearing of clothes at a nudist club singles out an individual or group instead of conforming to the other Club members and creates an environment where some may not feel relaxed with those who are clothed or semi-clothed.  It also allows for the opportunity of exhibitionists or others that  do not believe in family-friendly social nudism to take advantage of our Club.  The purpose of our Undress Code is only to allow members and guests to fully relax while on the Club's grounds.

While some may be more comfortable being semi-clothed, the wearing of clothes is opposite of the positive aspects of nudism that we are promoting.   This creates an uncomfortable environment for those who begin to question and focus on their own body appearances instead of enjoying their freedom from society's day to day requirements.   We believe this creates barriers when we are attempeting to remove them.

As society requires clothing when in public to provide a comfortable environment for all, our Club requires nudity in public to provide a comfortable environment for its members who are paying for the priviledge to enjoy social nudism. 
The Club requires nudity at all times while using the swimming facilites, hot tub or sauna as swim suits are always prohibited.   Weather permitting, we request that those on the Club's grounds be nude and conform to the state of undress of those on the grounds.  Clothing is permitted when necessary due to the weather, temperature, cooking and when needed to work.

Our Club wants you to be comfortable, while respecting the comfort of the other members and guests.